Chebenieh.   275.000$

this land is AN excellent investment,NOTHING BLOCKS YOUR VIEW its is positioned in Chbanieh forest the land is . Land net area : 1100 m2 Difference of levels between the highest and lowest points of the land : 6 meter (This mean that you win an extra storey under the Ground floor. It will be a basement blocked by retaining wall from the back side and open from the three other sides, with direct access to a garden of approximative 1000 m2Number of maximum allowed storeys : 2 + slopy roof.That\'s mean you will have 3 storeys + slopy roof when you add the extra basement.Maximum allowed constructed area for each storey including the balconies and other extras areas: 320 m2 .Total allowed constructed area for the three storeys : 1100m2You can add a second basement (optional) under the first basement, that might serve as garage , storage and technical services location. Maximum allowed area for this second basement : 1100m2

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